Design success relies on three components. We can help with all of them.

Look & Feel

If appearance didn't matter, everybody would still be designing web pages with little grey buttons. We understand human factors and usability. And we understand that the Look is the difference between a good solution and a great one.

Come back later to see a case-study of a makeover we did.

System Design

The users only know the system through what it looks like, but if it doesn't work, there is no system. We've built systems for phone companies, insurance companies, law firms and banks. We'll use that experience to build your system to be reliable when it runs and to fail gracefully if problems arise. (We've got experience dealing with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, too)

Process Design

There are still limitations to what any system or application can do. A good process helps people take advantage of the system's strengths and insulates the users from any weaknesses. We can help with process design at either end of the development process and we've also run training classes and workshops for when you want to give your users a more formal introduction to their new tools.